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Yes, all of our meat arrives freshly imported, packed with ice from its country of origin. We prepare and store all the meat ourselves ensuring only the most stringent processes are followed. Our fridges are consistently checked for optimum cooling temperatures and all our staff are fully trained in identifying good and bad meat.
All our meat is prepared and prescribed in accordance with Islamic law.
Reputable butchers are the best source for fresh meat. As experts in the trade, we are best able to identify the good from the bad. At MLS, we pride ourselves on delivering premium quality meats.
With exotic meats available from far and wide, we have a huge range for you to choose from. The most premium of our meats are the Wagyu steaks. Looking for lamb? Why not try some of our New Zealand lamb cuts.
This is all down to personal preference. Lamb rends to be higher in calories, fats and cholesterol, whilst beef is rich in protein, iron and zinc.
You can buy meat here at MLS in many different ways. We offer everything from minced meat and burgers to delicate cuts, legs or even the whole carcass. The price will depend on either the cut, quality or weight.
Absolutely! MLS delivers anywhere in Muscat within 2-hours.